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Truck Rental Towing A Car Trailer


Moving long distance, or even just a few hundred miles away comes with a long list of to-dos. You want to be certain that you can move your entire life in one clean, efficient, sweep. The biggest of all of the action items on your to-do list is certainly moving all of your belongings and your vehicle. So often, we make the assumption that we can handle the UHaul or Penske rental truck ourselves, but that alone comes with a lot of stress. When you add on top of the rented truck, also having to tow a car, your move becomes downright nerve-racking. That is a massive reason why hiring a driver for your moving truck while towing a car trailer is so beneficial, but it’s not the only reason. Here are three reasons you should partner with a professional for your long-distance move.


Save Time

As mentioned, and as you likely know, moving cross country comes with countless action items… and never enough time to comfortably complete them all. The action item that takes up most of your time is physically moving your belongings. That can include packing up the moving truck (and later unpacking), but when it comes to cross country moves, the time it takes to load and unload is minimal compared to the drive to your new home. The drive time takes many precious hours away from you being able to finalize everything you need before you leave your current home for the next chapter in your life.


Enjoy Your Final Days

The precious time you have in your final days in your old home is far better used to making more memories with friends and family, getting to stop at all of your favorite restaurants one last time, or finishing your bucket list of adventures in the area. All of those are much more exciting ways to use your time – ways you will look back on with gratitude that you were able to make the most of your final days in your old area.


Driving A Rented Truck While Towing A Car Trailer

Without experience driving all around the country, in all weather conditions, driving a UHaul car trailer can actually be dangerous for you and all of your belongings. That isn’t only true in the winter months, either. Uncertainty where you’re driving, paired with a lack of experience driving large vehicles (with trailers attached) equates to increased risks. Driving a rented truck while towing a car trailer is a far different experience than driving a truck or vehicle cross country. Without expert knowledge that comes from years of practice, you could end up in a scary situation.


Though the reasons listed are all important, perhaps the most beneficial reason to hire a professional to drive your rental truck while towing a car trailer is simply the stress relief that comes from one less time-consuming task being on your plate. You have far more exciting things to worry about than driving your belongings many hours to a new location. Don’t unnecessarily burden yourself!

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